Marcelo The Daredevil Performed in the first ever Britain’s Got Talent in 2007
with His amazing acrobatics stunts the circus acrobat performed an incredible back somersault over 4 assistants dive trough a hoop of razor-sharp knives and Dis guy dislocated his neck on Britain’s got talent in front of Simon Cowell, Amanda holden and Piers Morgan

Marcelo the Daredevil Stunt Shows

Marcelo The Daredevil has Performed His awesome stunts all Over the world on TV, Cinema, Corporate events, Cabarets, Circus and Festivals/

Marcelo de Ramos is a specialist stuntman and martial artist with many years of experience.

BBC Drama The Virgin Queen

Marcelo The Daredevil played the purple jester  on the BBC Drama The Virgin Queen

Marcelo’s character was Robert Dudley Fool (Tom Hardy) and used to take secret messages to the Queen Elizabeth I Anne-Marie Duff.

With a Geat cast that included Joanne Whalley, Dexter Fletcher, Sienna Guillory to name but a few.


Marcelo the Daredevil Faquir Cabaret  act

Marcelo the Daredevil Faquir Cabaret  act


Called the funniest stuntman in the world Marcelo combine incredible stunts

With death defying Faquir  mind over matter  and  through the power of concentration and “positive thinking”  He perform incredible bared feet jumps on broken glasses, body piercings, hammer nails on to His face, get people to stand on His body as He lay on nails and More. combined with stand up comedy creating a unique act never seen before.

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