Acrobatics stunts Marcelo de Ramos British Stuntman

Marcelo de Ramos stunts have amazed many people from around the world and He has recently been impressing famous people like Simon Cowell and legend Donny Osmond. marcelodonny_osmond.jpgmarcelodonny_osmond.jpg marcelodonny_osmond.jpgImpressing people is nothing new to Brazil born Marcelo, who moved to England in 1995 and became a British citizen in 2005.  Marcelo has appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent series 1 and has worked on many other TV programs in the United Kingdom doig His Acrobatics stunts . 

Celebrity Stuntman Marcelo, performed a duo with  Donny Osmond, but there was definitely no singing involved, just a very brave Donny who held a hoop of knives for an even braver Marcelo who dived threw the hoop of knives on national television.  Donny Osmond told him he was unbelievable and applauded him!


 children_in_need_bbc.jpgMarcelo says “diving over cars forwards and sidewards is quite easy for me BUT somersaulting BACKWARDS over a car is a stunt that takes a lot of skill and courage.  He compares Himself with the late Evel Knievel with out a motorbike and He is not limited to just performing stunts He’s also an Actor having work with Anne-Marie Duff, Sienna Guillory, Dexter Fletcher, Tom Hardy.  Marcelo also supports BBC Children in need. children_in_need_bbc.jpgchildren_in_need_bbc.jpg  For 2007  He somersaulted over  Pudsey Bear , Live on Television to Help raise money for this amazing charity.