Britains got talent stuntman

Daredevils acrobats, Marcelo de Ramos and His family are back on Britain’s got talent series 2.

Daredevils also known as the fittist family in the UK , perforsimon_cowell.jpgming an awesome back somersault over a car, Pierce Morgan Compared Marcelo the Daredevil showmanship with Evel Knievel Marcelo was joined this time by wife Anita and Son Jordan Ramos who is 3 times British Champion and 6th best tumbler in the world at the age of 12 the family live a very health and active life style training everyday Mum Anita is an Dancer, Martial Artist and contortionist, Jordan is a tumbling champion, Samuel is the younger in the family and train trampoline an average of 10 hours a week with Dad Marcelo and can already perform Front somersaults. last year Marcelo the Daredevil impressed the judges on Britains got talent by dislocating His neck and doing a back somersault over 4 girls the Britain’s got talent production time was so impressed that they used Marcelo’s photo with His shoulders through the hoop of knifes in all magazines and newspapers in the UK and Marcelo the Daredevil now is a Youtube superstar with millions of views on His videos.

More about the British stuntman

38 year old Father of 2 from Sheffield, will perform a backward somersault over the Family Car on the ITV1 hit show Britain’s got talent! The Daredevil Dad who is a mainstream and special needs coach at Wakefield gymnastic club told the researchers of picresized_th_1208074935_britains_got_talent_stuntmen_daredevils2.jpgthe show that he was going to somersault backwards over a small Corsa. He then decided last minute that he wanted to do a more death defying stunt and so brought the Family estate car to somersault over. The stage manager at the Glasgow audition was horrified when He saw the size of the car. He begged him to come back to re-audition at Birmingham were the stage was bigger, so they could prepare more and sort out the health and safety issues. But the daredevil had travelled all the way from Sheffield and was not going home without performing this amazing stunt.
It took 10 stage hands to put the car in place and it was all very time consuming. Simon Cowell was not happy at all that He’d been kept waiting on this one act.

Due to air this saturday, His children are constantly being accused by other Kids and their parents of making up stories about their father being a super Dad.! Now He will prove it to them on national television.