British stuntman Marcelo de Ramos is one of the best in the UK

His stunts includes amazing jumps trough hoops of fire knifes jump backward over people and somersaults over cars.


Marcelo de Ramos is the closest thing to Evel Knievel  with out a motorbike

His credit includes

Britain’s got talent series 2 2008 

Britain’s got talent series 1 2007  simon_cowell.jpg

 Identity 2007 presented by The legendary singer Donni Osmond and Donni described Marcelo the daredevil as unbelievable. marcelodonny_osmond.jpg

Marcelo is also an Actor and some of His credits BBC 1 Mini epic drama The Virgin Queen Marcelo played the Purple Jester  the_virgin_queen_2005_with_my_dad_marcelo_de_ramos.jpg

some of His skills are.

Trampoline, highly skilled acrobat and trampoline performer also very good in trampet,

Capoeira : Capoeira master and practise Capoeira for over 28 years and His family tree Backs 6 generation of Capoeira masters.

kung fu was part of the display team flying dragons in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

His circus skills

Flying trapeze, Washington trapeze , swing and static trapeze.

Fire eating, jump from high in to broken glass bed of nail.

that’s  just some of this incredible stuntman.

to contact Marcelo the Daredevil e-mail Him

available for:

films, TV, festivals and corporate events stunts never seen before. by one of the greatest stuntman in the UK