British stuntman – Marcelo de Ramos better known as Marcelo the daredevil theĀ “Daredevil” . Death defying acts

He was born in Brazil and now live in the UK. Performing His acts with death defying stunts, including somersaulting backward over up to 5 people and over cars not even mentioning going over knives and fire. He’ve performerd in many TV Shows, He was the guy who dislocated His neck in the program Britain’s got talent. and is very famous in the youtube website with some videos with almost 9 millions hits. He started working in Brazilian television and moved on to work as a stuntman in Brazilian films, in 1993 He moved to Germany to work in a stunt show where He fell in love with His English wife Anita Ramos they moved toghether to Brazil Where His son Jordan was born and in 1995 they moved back to Great Britain. Marcelo Who is a British Gymnastics trampoline coach started to coach Jordan from the age of 2 andĀ Jordan now is 4 times Tumbling champion and His younger Son Samuel is also doing very wel at age of six can already perform multiple twists and multiple somersaults on the trampoline When not doing TV Stunts Marcelo also like to perform in festivals and do stand up comedy