Marcelo is also a professional Fire eater and can also perform many side show stunts.

this is not TV, these are not special effects… this is real. Marcelo the Daredevil perform fire eating, fire breathing walking and jumping on broken glass, hammering a six inch nail into the head, being stood on a bed of nails stubbing out cigars on the tongue and also the human pincushion. all done in the best possible test. show can be performed on stage or TV.

Some of Marcelo the Daredevil side show skills:

  • human volcano
  • fiery tongue
  • hot fruit
  • eating a lighted candle
  • wheel of fire
  • spontaneous combustion
  • yogi fire
  • Fire eating
  • sword walking
  • dancingĀ  and jumping on broken glass
  • chewing broken glass
  • the bed of nails
  • body piercing also known as the human pincushion
  • hammering nail into the face
  • stopping the pulse at will