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Marcelo the daredevil

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Britain’s Got Talent with Simon Cowell ITV1 and ITV2, Let me Entertain You with Brian Conley BBC2 and Identity with Donny Osmond

With some publicity stunts never seen before He is available for : TV – Films – Festivals.


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Howdy my name is Marcelo de Ramos also known as Marcelo the daredevil I am a specialist  British stuntman I was born in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil but now I’m living in England and I am British citizen . I’ve been a circus performers for years, and have worked in television for years first in Brazil but now in the UK I’ve worked for the major British television channels. Some credits includes. BBC The Virgin Queen, combat club, brainiacs, Identity and plenty more mistery of Robin Hood, and I have also performed in many reality tv shows like Britain’s got talent series one and two, Let me entertain you, wifeswap 2009 and more. My official website is British stuntman Marcelo the daredevil my two sons are also in to acrobatics and my olderst is an Gymnast champ for Great Britain.


Stuntman Marcelo De Ramos has come a long way, from the Ghetto to National Television!

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Hi my name is Marcelo de Ramos also known as Marcelo the Daredevil.

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I Work as a specialist stuntman for Stage and T.V and now I want to put my stunts to good use by raising money for “Charity” . I’m famous for somersaulting over cars, diving through hoops of razor Sharpe knives and somersaulting over a row of people.  I can also dislocate my neck without it breaking. I’ve been doing death defying stunts for since 1981.

stuntman marcelo age 7 5  About MeIt all started when I was I child in Brazil, I was very poor and many times didn’t even have enough food to eat or clothes to put on.  I often shared one plate of food with my mum and 2 Sisters that was kindly given by our neighbors. Growing up, I also remember all of my Christmas’s and Birthday’s, but not because they were particular happy times but the fact that I didn’t receive any presents.


At the age of 7 I became the man of the house by selling scrap metal, mangoes and fried fish to help buy food and clothes for my mum and 2 sisters.  I‘d always been fascinated with performing artists and so at the aged of 11, I persuaded my mum and the owner of a small traveling circus to take me with him on his next tour.  I learned physical comedy, some acrobatics and some other Circus skills.  This helped my Family so much financially and our life seemed to improve from that point, but for me, I had this burning desire to do something greater with my life and so in 1987 at the age of 17,  I joined the “Brazilian National Circus”

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I trained there for 3 years and during those 3 years there were time a thought I might have to give it all up, not because of the training schedule (I was a hard worker!) because marcelo trapeze 5  About Meof the travel costs going backwards and forwards everyday on the bus.  The owner of the school kindly let me sleep on the premises when I didn’t have enough money to return home, which as you can imagine was more often than not.  I trained hard for 3 years and became a Professional Performer in 1990.  My Family were so proud of me and all of my achievements.  I began working professionally in Brazil in Big tops and T.V and then had the opportunity to leave Brazil and travel around the world creating my own stunts.  My Skills of somersaulting over cars, has given me the opportunity to work with 3 major car manufactures, JaguarBMW and Volvo. And I’ve also been given to opportunity to be one of the warm up Acts for the world famous band the Rolling stones in the UK tour Bridges to Babylon.


T.V in the U.K


I’ve been involved in many TV programs including; “Combat Club” Channel 5 Played a Capoeira master,

“The Virgin Queen” BBC1 2006, Played the Purple Jester alongside Anne-Marie Duff (Shameless), Tom Hardy and Sienna Guillory.

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I’ve been in two commercials one for Carlsberg World Cup in 2006 and the other for Morgan Spice in 2007.


At the beginning of 2007  I impressed “Harvey goldsmith” in a Variety performance for the Channel 4 show “Get Your Act Together”. Performed on “Let me Entertain You” with “Brian Conley” BBC2.

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He was one of the strangers on the program Identity with “Donny Osmond” BBC2.

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He even managed to impress “Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent ITV1 ITV2.

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and His photograph was used nation wide to promote the Show in many News papers

and magazines


I’ll be filming for 2 more big programs later on this year; one for channel 4 & Science of attraction ITV1.

I was a success story, but you must realise that not all deprived children stories have happy ending, a lot end in tragedy. We can do something to help! I’m was born in a 3rd world country, but don’t be fooled into thinking that because children  are born and live in the uk always have enough food to eat, warm shelter and a happy home.