My name is Marcelo de Ramos better known as Marcelo the Daredevil. I have an extremely dangerous job as a specialist stunt man. Some of my stunts include diving through hoops of razor sharp knives, somersaulting backwards over up to 6 people, piercing spikes through my body including the mouth, jumping from a great height onto real broken glass, hammering nails and screw drivers into the nose, dislocating my neck and the list goes on and on and on! My claim to fame was in the year 2000 when I was performing in the Leeds Festival. Don’t ask me why, but I had this crazy idea that I was capable of somersaulting backwards over a car. I arrange for my brother-in-law who was with me that day taking action photographs of my show, to position his white Renault Megane in front of my tumble track for me to somersault over. He looked at me in amazement and laughed and asked me to clarify what I had just said to him. After some debate he agreed to drive his car in front of the tumble track. The audience thought this was all a set up and that I had probably performed this incredible stunt before on many occasions. But in all honesty this was the very first time I had ever performed this stunt in the UK or anywhere in the world and to the relief of my brother-in-law it was a complete success. I like to think he was worried with my well being but maybe he was more concerned about his car getting trashed. From performing this car stunt I have gone onto somersault over two major cars, for car launches with Jaguar and BMW. I have a wide range of strange and unusual stunts and daredevil feats and the above mentioned are to name but a few. I have also appeared on the BBC mini-epic drama the virgin queen that starred Ann Marie Duff in 2006. I played the role of the purple jester where I performed some acrobatic skills and tricks. I have also done some reality TV work including the show called combat club were I put my Capoeira martial art skills to use by instructing and teaching a group of Children who were selected for the programme.