physical comedy

Macelo is an actor and also performed as an clown in the circus and learned physical comedy as one of skills of the Brazilian National circus discipline skills that Marcelo used in the TV in the United Kingdom and some of credits for His comic performances can be seen in the BBC drama The Virgin Quenn, He played the Perple juster and delivered an icredible performance.

Marcelo can also be seen on commercials for Carlsberg and Morgan spiced rum performing physical comedy as a football comentator for the world cup and a footballer. in the Marcelo de Ramos has been teaching physical comedy in the UK for the last 10 years and He is one of the funders of Polichinelo circus an acrobatic school and performances centre and now has students performing all over the world.

He is an Contemporay clown He has travelled the world in his capacity as an entertainer. His skills are extensive and his many different shows cover a wide range of situations