Marcelo de Ramos is an stuntman in England

His stunts has amazed people all over the world Marcelo was born in Brazil and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 95 and have performed in many TV programs in the UK with His crazy stunts including jumping and somersaulting over cars, fire, knifes, martial arts stunts and so many other dangerous p7060019.jpgperformances Marcelo who is also know as Marcelo the daredevil as a kid was a circus performer and was an acrobat from the Brazilian National Circus Marcelo is a very skilled flying trapeze artist and teeter board acrobat in England when Marcelo de Ramos is not performing His dangerous and death defying acts He coach trampoline to mainstream stuntman-marcelo-de-ramos.jpgand special needs children Marcelo also likes to perform to help children charities in the UK. This Daredevil stuntman loves to take risk in the daily bases and is always finding knew ways to entertain on commercials, TV shows, street festivals or films. Marcelo the Daredevil will thrill the public with incredible dangerous acrobatics or diving through hoops of knifes that He doesn’t even fits but manages to get through with out even touch the knifes and landing with His back in broken glass, His Martial arts give Marcelo total control of His body and mind using mind over matter marcelo can even slow down His hart rate marcelodonny_osmond.jpg almost stopping His Hart a will Marcelo is a phenomenon and Managed to impress even legends like the American singer Donni Osmond who described Marcelo de Ramos as unbelievable

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