Thrill Acts and Death Defying Stunts

Marcelo de Ramos is a living legend with His Death Defying Stunts.

After 20 years in the business, He’s still amazing Audiences across the UK and abroad! Marcelo is Famous for Jumps through fire and Hoops of


in this photo you can see Marcelo on Britains got talent series 2 doing a back somersault over a car in the act the Daredevils with son Jorda and wife Anita Ramos


knifes. and incredible somersaults backwards over people. He’s is known as the Celebrity stuntman and some of His TV appearances including Britain’s got talent series 1 and series 2, X factor, Identity, Let me Entertain you, Get your Act together, Brainiac, Combat Club, The Virgin Queen to name but a few some of He’s defying stunts includes doing back somersaults over cars

Marcelo who was born in Brazil and worked in many Brazilian moves as an actor and stunt man, Marcelo moved to the United Kingdom and become British citizen and is now one of the mos famous British stuntman know as Marcelo the Daredevil because He takes any challenge.

Marcelo is expert in:

acrobatics, martial arts including Capoeira and Kung Fu,

Trampoline, trampet,

physical comedy

flying trapeze

fire eater

Marcelo de Ramos is the ultimate action man and has performed His Thrill Acts and death defying Stunts in all major TV channel in the UK and is already planning His next big stunt. Marcelo the Daredevil is the ultimate Stunt Performer doesn’t mater if the challenge includes water, fire, knifes, glass or any other dangerous object the Daredevil will Thrill you with His amazing performance.