Tumbling Stunts are Marcelo de Ramos’s speciality, they  include somersaulting over people and back flips over cars.  Marcelo de Ramos has been doing tumbling stunts for over 27 years and started His tumbling  gymnastics career back in Brazil.  Marcelo is now known as a Celebrity Stuntman working with great names on the Television and Cinema.  He is planning to do an amazing stunt for 2008, which has never been seen before.  He is training  everyday  to perfect His skills.  Somersaulting over cars was an amazing achievement, but Marcelo wants to move on to something bigger and better, a more death defying stunt for 2008.  Marcelo will be announcing the stunt to the press next year.  He is keeping it a secret at the moment, but we can tell you, it going to be unbelievable and be shown on a Major TV Show in the UK.  

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